Blood on the Dance Floor: Bullying, Plagiarism, and more.

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Blood on the Dance Floor: Bullying, Plagiarism, and more.

Postby Hopeflower » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:02 am

Ohhh, where do I start with these guys?

I guess the best place to start any story is at the beginning. You may have heard of this electropop group, made up of Dahvie Vanity (real name David Jesus Torres) and Jayy Von Monroe (Jeremy Brian Griffis). Very largely known in the "scene" community, but not too well known elsewhere, Jayy and Dahvie have made quite the name for themselves - and not in the good way...

They were first brought to my attention when this video started making its way around the internet. At first I didn't think much of it beyond, "What an a**hole"...but then I started looking into them more.

The girl in question, being told to "die a slow death", spoke out after the incident. What was so horrible, you may ask, that she was publicly humiliated so?

She stood up for a friend.

Ashley Costello of New Year's Day, another woman bullied (and sexually harassed by) Dahvie. Despite her asking him multiple times not to make sexual advances toward her on stage, and asking him multiple times to respect her, he never listened. The situation reached its peak when Dahvie ambushed Ashley in her dressing room, put his hands around her neck, and choked her until she could not breathe. You can read about New Year's Day's experiences touring with Dahvie and BOTDF in-depth here.

If you're horrified by that, it gets so much worse.

In 2009, Dahvie Vanity was arrested on an accusation of rape...of an underaged girl. He was never charged, because the victim was cyberbullied into retracting the statement, but the allegations stuck around. [And no, for those who are familiar with it, I'm not referring to the "Jessi Slaughter" incident, in which an 11 year old claimed to have had *** with Dahvie and was later bullied into hiding because of it. That particular accusation was proven unfounded.]

There is a video floating around of him taking advantage of a woman while she was intoxicated. [Be warned: search it at your own risk. The title is BOTDF X times 3. It's...disgusting.]

He has been known to brag about "the number of teens he's f*cked" since touring. The implications are grim when you consider that the majority of his fanbase are girls between twelve and seventeen years of age, some even younger.

I can personally vouch for one confirmed claim of him having s*x with a minor.

And most recently, Jayy has taunted people assumed to be fans with rape. See those messages here. Until I saw this, I thought Jayy might be a decent guy pressured into working with a raging d*uchenugget. Apparently, he's just as much of a d*uchenugget.

Moving on, let's address Dahvie's hypocrisy.

This blog is chock full of screenshots of tweets he's posted to his followers in the past. Things such as "We must never issue death threats", followed by "I'm going to rip open your head and sh*t down your neck."

That's pretty blatant hypocrisy right there, but let's talk about PLURR. You may be familiar with it if you know rave culture. "Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility". Dahvie took it, sliced off that last "R", and repurposed it as something he told his fans to follow and enforce...not that the Slash Gash Terror Crew do at all often.

But Dahvie doesn't follow "PLUR" himself.

And...he says that doesn't make him a hypocrite.

When he addressed that in his usual "holier-than-thou" trying-to-seem-deep way, I addressed his comments. You can find that here.
Someone else covered it pretty amazingly here.
He's pretty awesome in general, actually. Here he talks about their live performances.
This one is just hilarious. XD

To wrap this up as this post is getting pretty long, not only is BOTDF a largely untalented group, they pick and choose what they take from other artists like so many ripe grapes from a vine.

I've made two videos on this myself, found here and here.

And of course I have to link Stout's video on the topic too, because I love his videos. :3

That is all. Hide the children and discuss!
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