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Do you like Anthony hallwithz?

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Postby Nemisb1002 » Sat May 26, 2007 11:39 pm

In the book alex gets called up to talk about his family. 'I cant say much because they died when I was small. I live with my uncel, Ian Rider. I can say much, because he is never ouround. I live with a sort of house keper, her name is Jack starbrite. She awsome and he isent, because shes around all the time and he isent.' Then th bell rings and evoryone rushes out to get home. Alex was on his way home when he got a phone call from his uncel saying he will be home in time for diner but never turnes up... The cops tell Alex and Jack that Ian was dead. Alex just whent to school like any 14 yer old would do. On his way back he noteced a van geting his uncels stuff. Strycer and son was paned in a gold, but fanted. So Alex hopps on his bike and peedled like crazy. that is whatmackes the story. I am only telling you that part so if you want more, go to Angus and robinson for all of the Anthony hallwits books. by-by!

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