Where The Wind Blows

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Where The Wind Blows

Postby C S » Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:31 am

Looking down from the trees
Do you wonder what he sees?
Looking to the forest floor
Turning his back on what happened before
"What does it mean?" He'd ask himself
"What is the grand scheme?"
"Why do I live, what must I do?"
"I need, I need to find myself thats who;"
"Will tell me what my life really means"
With scales colored leafy green
With a stripe of black down his back
And with shining eyes of golden amber
He searches his heart, burning with embers.
All alone he's never scared
A cursed past he's come to bear
Fragile and on his own
Very much he has grown
An elder's face that warms his soul
Will guilt take its toll
As free as the wind
As free as the breeze
Yet his mind is still uneased.
Rushing into what his heart set
Cant understand the strife he then gets
"What am I if not a shell?"
"A voice inside that needs to tell"
"In my solitude I am safe"
"But at what price do I pay?"
"It is not of the things I say"
"It is the actions that I do"
"Now I know, now it is clear"
"I am myself"
"And without any fear, I embrace what lies in here"
In his heart burning bright
Is his true hidden might
A strength to care, feel and love
Once he find it, he will soar like a dove
And so in the tree, he takes a breath
Atleast he knows his name is Aircrest
A creature who's next step is never planned
A love for adventure that one can depend

In which direction does the wind blows?
Its something that seems to obvious
But no one ever knows
Because his actions and motivations leave all oblivious
To the past that he has to hide
But its all supurfulous
Because its a rule that he has to abide
To remember those days is a habit
And no matter how hard he tries to stop it
It always haunts him
And his chances of escape are slim
Though he keeps his spirits high
He is secretly grim
If he seems careless
Its brute fact
If he seems fearless
Dont count on that
To find out how he became this way
Why he lives like he does
You'll need to ask him about those days
But he wont tell you, thats just how it goes
Because his problems are his own and no one else's
So leave him alone to deal with his curse and hexes
And know somehow he will pull through
And embrace the truth
That theres nothing he could do about the past
And hope he learns that fast
Because if he doesnt his mind will never last
And he will find himself not in the air
But under the grass
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Postby Evil Eye » Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:57 pm

That was pretty good, nice job.

I liked these lines especially:

"What is the grand scheme?"
"Why do I live, what must I do?"
"I need, I need to find myself that's who;"
"Will tell me what my life really means"

Because I often find myself contemplating them :p
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