A Linear track of Deja vu

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A Linear track of Deja vu

Postby Doc 42 » Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:38 pm

Yeah I'm bored and have been wanting to do a fanfic for sandstorm for a while. The perfect opertunity to start it presented itself in ISS recently so I thought "why not?" It will prolly die after a few chapters but hell im gona give it a shot anyway


Yet again... The those same thoughts dance through my mind... I have to shut them out, they aren't important... The moon is rises over the canopy bathing the greenery in a silvery glow, I can think about that instead. Its just like the moon when I came back to the caves. That night I saw Darkness for the first time, and Silver aswell...... The same night Steeltalon took me into her care, if she hadn't, I would've died... damn, thinking about her makes it worse... "just shut up" Maybe she didn't want to talk? Maybe she is sick or something and I- wait... That doesn't work, she talked to me first....
Damn, there those thoughts again, the same feelings of being alone.... Not a freind in the world, not a single creature alive who cares... Of course, that can't be true, there is Darkness, but then why didn't he tell me to stay and stand up for me? Switchblade, she is my freind, Rawclaw and Silver too... I hope... That said, this is exactly how I felt that last time.... Not a freind in the world, it wasn't true then, I had my parents... This time I have a few of the others... And of course there is the lump thats currently snoreing up against my arm, Axle, if someone knows why the little hatchling is there its deffinately not me. He is about as old as I was when they came, maybe I was a little older. Heh, thats one day I won't be forgeting though my whole life, probably the single worst and best thing that ever happened to me. It all seems so familiar, as if I have expeirianced each memory multiple times, then again, my life is just linear track of Deja vu....

Chapter 1

The day they came was like any other, I was walking around, alone, trying to find something to amuse myself. I had no siblings, and no freinds either. That isn't to say there was no one around, our pack was simpily huge... Just I always stuffed up any chance I got at making friends or playmates. I wasn't as strong as some of the other hatchlings meaning I always lost in the play fights, so I took to useing my speed and not letting either of us win. Of course, they never enjoyed that and it always ended with me annoying them to the point of them not wanting to talk to me anymore.
Sometimes I think I got used to it, others, no. I was lonely those times, my parents could offer little comfort and had problems of their own. Where was I? oh yes, the day like any other... I was walking along minding my own buisness when I saw some young hatchlings that I recognised from a few days preveious. They were proudly guarding some compies that their parents had given them when showing them to hunt. I was tempted to go over and join them, just for something to do, even if it meant running away again. But just as I was about to walk over to them another hatchling appeared. He walked proudly and surely, Pure pitch black with bright orange stripes down his muzzle, across his side and ringing his tail, his brilliant orange eyes twinkleing in the sunlight. The 4 hatchlings guarding the compies looked up, snarling to tell him to get away. He went over to them and growled tauntingly "What? afraid that I'll attack your precieous little pile of filth?" The biggest of the hatchlings guarding the compies stepped foreward and chirped "Our parents cought this for us! get out of here!" The orange and black raptor glanced at the pile of compies and chirped "Your parents cought them? Wow biggest kill they ever made is it?" At this the hatchlings were poisteively outraged. They charged at the orange and black raptor who sprinted away into the bushes laughing wildly. I just watched on snickering at the sight. I was about to walk away when Something else cought my eye... Another hatchling, a female, she was black with large grey spots making her camolauge in with the light on the plants. Her orange eyes darted around and then she bit onto one of the compies quickly dragging it away through the bushes. Mere moments after she was gone the other hatchlings returned, too angry at the first hatchling to notice the missing compy. At this I actually fell to the ground laughing at what had transpired. Still chuckleing at the event, I continued my aimless walk around the packs home untill eventually I noticed the two hatchlings from earlier, both tearing away at the compy hungrily. I eagerly bounded up to them, wanting to talk about what I geussed had been a cleaver plan. When I got there I was at a loss for words, I didn't have a clue what to say so I stood there stupidly as they stared at me. The male one spook first, growling "This is our food! You can't have it" He pulled the compy back further and the female swallowed down the meat she was holding hopping over to the males side. Yet again, I messed up, they didn't want to be near me, or more they didnt want me near their food. I was suddenly filled with anger and I retorted "I wouldn't want to eat it anyway. Probably make me sick, should be good for you two though." The male sanrled and lunged at me, but yet again, speed prevailed. I turned and sprinted away snickering, the two hatchlings in hot pursuit. After a frenzied chase through the whole area I noticed that they had given up. After a quick search I found them both panting, grinning I moved in to finish the job, but instaed of being angry the male hatchling looked up at me and exclaimed "Wow your fast!.." I had never goten a compilemt from another hatchling before, deffinately not from someone I had just taunted and intended to taunt some more. The female nodded quickly in agreement to the male and chirped "That was fun!" Still shocked I remained silent and the male hatchling continued happily "I'm Clawfist and this is my freind Softfoot, who are you?" Taken aback, I growled blankly "uhh Sandstorm.... why?" Softfoot looked questioningly at Clawfist and then hopped foreward chirping "Good to meet you Sandstorm!" Clawfist nodded and chirped "Want to help us get some more food? Our compy has probably been stolen by now." I wasn't in the slightest bit hungry but I wasn't going to pass up the oppertunity. "uhh Yeah sure, of course" Still slighty dazed, I followed Softfoot and Clawfist away through the long yellow grass, speaking only when directly adressed, that was the end of my freindless days. From then on, I wasn't alone...

Chapter 2

At the time, Clawfist and Softfoot were the best thing that ever happened to me. They were odd, they had no siblings either and never seemd to mention their parents. I never pressed for information though. I was one of them, and I deffinately wouldn't do anything that might jepordise that. Clawfist was a quick thinking, much smarter and stronger than me. Even then I looked up too him. He was older than me, by a good bit. A few months at least. At the same time, Softfoot was strong and stealthy, the two of them seemed to excel at everywhere I failed, often making me wonder why they even wanted me around. However, my poor abilites never seemed to be brought up... Instead of play fighting like the other hatchlings, we used to try to steal the food that the other hatchlings had gotten by either hunting together or form their parents. For some reason Softfoot and Clawfist found this to be much better than eating from any kill made by the adults. When they first asked me to accompany them, I was nerveous, I thought they would want me to help Softfoot drag carry more food away once the others had been delt with. But Clawfist didn't ask me to do that, instead he asked me to go out and annoy the hell out of the targets and then run for my life when they chased me. My two strong points... I could run faster than both Softfoot and Clawfist, and I had a knack for getting others angry with little effort. The final result being that I managed to piss off and then evade some hatchlings long enough so that Clawfist and Softfoot made off with pretty much everything they could find. The loss of food only made the other hatchlings more determained to get more and guard it ever more, often not even eating it, just protecting it.

So thats how we spent our time... I was the distraction, Clawfist planned it and Softfoot snuck in and grabed the loot. I felt important as if the whole thing rested on my shoulders, then an event happened that almost lost me my new freinds, well, at least I thought it would....
It was a routine prank, I had to go perform my distraction while Softfoot and Clawfist would nick the two monkeys that they had cought.. It all went well enough untill I tripped over a dried up root. Before I could get up the others cought up with me, extremely pissed off, and tackled me to the ground. The biggest one at the front, who I had insulted numerous times looked as though he was going to slit my throat, then I saw a pair of orange eyes in the grass and instantly recognised them as Softfoots.. I was ashamed, there was no doubt they would instantly realise what a failure I was. I closed my eyes waiting for what the hatchling would do to me, expecting him to start slashing me and asking me to take back every insult. Then, suddenly I heard a screching yelp and the pressure was lifted, I opened my eyes to see Clawfist pinning the large hatchling who had been on me, Softfoot had barged through and before I knew it, hoisted me to my feet. Clawfist had easily pinned the big hatchling and Softfoot was infront of me, glareing at the others. They backed away glanceing from their now pinned brother to Softfoots bared fangs. Clawfist let the hatchling up and the lot of them scampered away. I didn't know what to expect from them... then Softfoot turned around to me, suddenly smileing happily again and hissed "Well that was a close one.. You ok?" I replied"uhh yeah.. thanks... and im sorry..." Clawfist gave me a puzzled look and growled "What for? Not your fault if they cought you, before you showed up I can't count the amount of times Softfoot was seen and and we had to abbandon things." Softfoot snorted and retorted "How about you completely failing to make them the slightest bit angry?" The three of us walked back to our little hang out spot, Softfoot and Clawfist argueing about who was more of a failure the whole way, eventually turning into a boasting compeition. Contray to my nature, I couldnt resist joining in.

Chapter 3

Those events made me truely realise for the first time that I had freinds who would never let me down, and from that, I grew much more confident, often over confident. After a long time of nagging I managed to convince my two freinds that it was ok to eat from the kills made by the pack. They were convinced that it was a bad idea. Being a bit older and wiser, I wondered why their parents would teach them that. I also found it odd that both of them had the same beleifs. I settled my self by thinking that their parents probably didn't care about them much and being good freinds, they probably picked up the bad habbit from each other. My parents didn't think much about me not being around them for long times on end. They were in trouble with the pack leader, I was too young to understand so I didn't bother trying. Another raptor joined our group around then. Her name was Quicktooth. She was actually one of the hatchlings that we had stole from perodicly. However, she had goten into a fight with her brothers and ran into us while she was sulking. She was tough and eager to help. Her parents turned out to be highly ranked in the pack and she and her siblings were often given treats, which I admit, were often liberated by Clawfist, Softfoot and me. After she started helping us her brothers grew increasingly hostile to her away from their parents so we didn't have any problem with nicking everything they got their hands on. A few days after that, a new raptor family joined the pack. Everyone was all crowded around as we watched the two adults talk with our pack leader. They had two hatchlings with them, one scared looking female who was green with yellow stripes, and a dark grey raptor who looked more confident but who was obviously terrifyed. They got accepted to the pack and life went back to normal. Sadly, aswell as more respect, growing up brought other troubles...

Chapter 4

Panic. Smack. Thud. Pain.
Thats really all I can remember about my first proper hunt. What a way to prove your worth to the pack... Get a edmontosaur's tail to the head. At least it wasn't so bad for me considering Softfoots luck. One of the adults smacked her away and gave her a nasty scratch on the snout because of her mistake. She messed up her leap and ended up knocking two other raptors off the Edmontosaurus side. If she had got them before they had managed to do the damage they did it would have been an utter failure. At least I kept up with the leaders, got enough attention to make sure I would be remember as actually participateing. Thankfully they didn't see being floored by its rear end to be too dishonourable. Things couldn't have gone better for perfect little good juvi Clawfist. He managed to tear open its ankle and cause the herbivore to stumble, effectively canceling out with Softfoots mess up.

Both Softfoot and I just laughed it off when the pack leader actually congratulated him on his first hunt but inside we were burning up with envy. Stareing at his proud face as if we were trying to make his head explode with our minds. It was amazing. Out of such a huge pack and a largeish group of first time hunters, Clawfist was the only one for the leader to even look at, not to mind congratulate. Softfoot boasted about having a 'conversation' with one of the high ranking raptors on the hunt to my amusement for awhile. But mostly it was just to annoy Clawfist, which it did.

That hunt changed our lives. Up till then, we were renegades. Doing everything on our own. We didn't care about the pack as a whole in general. But according to my father and a few other older raptors that I knew, my first hunt signaled that I wasn't to be considered a hatchling or a child anymore. That I had new rights and responsibilities. Respect being one of them. I didn't take much notice of it. I didn't believe them. After all, I felt the same as I did before the hunt. (Albeit, with a very sore face.) But they were right. The way I was view by other raptors slowly changed. Older raptors were more willing to listen to what I had to say. Young hatchlings actually made an effort not to annoy me. One particular time, Softfoot, Clawfist and I were walking over to favoured resting spot of ours, throwing ourselves down by the sun warmed rocks despite that there were 4 youngsters playing around there. To our amazement, they quietly cleared off without us even having to tell them to leave or threaten them.

One day, while we were busy abuseing our new respect by telling off the leaders hatchlings. (For some reason it was a million times more satisfying if they had high ranking parents.) To our horror, the pack leader himself spotted us while we were by their nest. He looked out us and hissed "What do you three want?..." Clawfist immeidiately leapt into an excuse and hissed "Th- I me- hatchlings..." Completely lost for words... he gave up. The leader nodded and nudged his son away hissing "Run along to your mother... Don't be bothering them..." As amazing as it was for him not to scold us into oblivion, it didn't stop there. He hissed "Hmm, Your... Clawfist, isn't it?" From being told off, it had gone to a conversation. Everyone quickly split up into their roles. Clawfist's face lit up with pride. I begun stareing off into space and Softfoot put on a sulking face. 10/10. Perfect execution. Clawfist nodded, hissing "Yes I am, Cyclone..." Cyclone, our leader, nodded, smileing and he growled "I've heard a few others talking about you, young one. Say you show great promise. Tell me, who are your parents? No one seems to know." At this, our graveful maneuver exploded. I started showing interest (how could I get it wrong after all those times of practice!!!) Softfoot became alert and almost worried. (Disgraceful performance.) Then Clawfist stopped smileing and didn't look proud at all. Infact he looked a bit uneasy. Thinking about it, I didn't know who his parents were either. Nor did I know who Softfoots parents were. I had simply never met them or ever asked about them. Softfoot and Clawfist had often been around my own parents, talking briefly, but never the other way around. Clawfist growled, shame in his voice "They... abbandoned the pack... ages ago." A look of sorrow and pity came over Cyclone and the wise raptor hissed "Oh... I'm.. Sorry to hear that. Any idea why?" Clawfist nodded grunting with slight distaste "Yeah... My father went back to his parents for something and my mother left with Softfoots father, supposedly madly in love... I didn't understand it at the time. So I stayed here thinking they would come back." Cyclones view shifted to Softfoot, who hissed sadly "My mother died during a hunt long before Father left... I really don't like talking about it..."

That conversation was another life changer. I was unwillingly introduced and from then on, recognised by many of the older raptors. Which in my eyes was bad, I perfered it when my activites went un-noticed. The whole part of hunting wasn't much fun either. We rarely got the chance to actually attack the target, only getting our chance to eat. It was much more fun when we had to fight to get the food we wanted. It positively seemed that growing up really wasn't all that great. Then, I met the pluses of getting older... Well, remember those four raptors I told you about awhile ago? Clawfist befriended the older darker coloured juvinille. He was big, strong and being completely honest, scary. At first Softfoot and I stayed distant from him, quickly falling back into the same attitudes we had taken up when Clawfist befreinded the older raptors. (Softfoot sulking, me stareing into space. Then converseing in hushed sinister voices when left alone)

We couldn't help but laugh as evily as possible when we discovered that Darkfang was infact, slightly scared of us. But we eventually warmed up to him, treated him as we treated each other. Though as much as I say it, it isn't any more true to say that I warmed up to him as I thought he was interesting/funny or what ever. The real cause behind it? Two words. One glorious name, Shadowleaf.

Chapter 5

So here I am. Whats changed since I last mentioned anything? Hunting is still crap. The rest of the pack still remembers my hide. But those are offset by us going out on our own private hunts in our free time. Sure, we are really just killing for our own amusement, but its better than sitting around bored all the time. Originally part of me and Softfoot teasing Clawfist, saying that he was all caught up in strength and honor of being a respected pack member. He eventually suprised us by attacking a Styracosaurus alone. It was one of the stupidist things I have ever seen. He was only a juvinile and he attacked it ALONE! He did well at first, but then it grounded him. At that stage though, Softfoot and I had seen enough, we went in and hammered into its side, distracting it from Clawfist. Then Darkfang and Shadowleaf rushed in, attacking it from the other side. From there, Clawfist kicked up into its neck and managed to hack its throat open and roll away before it crushed him. Now that I mention that... I remember Shadowleaf complimenting me on how I fought there. Another reason why life back then was in the green.

Then you have Quicktooth... She had drifted away from us a while back when her brothers appologised. While as a whole, we weren't all that effected by her desersion, Clawfist seemed really distraught about it. Often talking about her to me in private, being un easy when mentioning her name around the others. He indirectly told me about his feelings for her, which I honestly thought was funny, but I didn't laugh. I'm a good freind like that. It was understandable that he was uneasy around the others about it, I always thought he and Softfoot had something going for them.

I remember it like it was yesterday... Well, actually like it was nearly 10 years ago, which it probably was. I strolled confidently up to the lazing juvinille raptors wearing my usual stupid grin face. I caught Quicktooths eyes, a mixture of joy at seeing her freind and unease at my expression. Unsuprisingly, when I reached them, she didn't say anything. One large male grunted, stareing at me dangerously "What the hell do you want, Sandstorm?" I fought back a mischeivious smirk. This particular raptor was named Bladewind, a past victim of my taunting. He was one of those raptors who sees it as his duty to protect everyone, so he often came into conflict with us. I growled, keeping a straight face "Huh? I'm afraid the only time I would ever want something wtih you is if I had the urge to talk to a rock. Which I assume, you would be the next best thing. Though a rock doesn't give off the smell of Brachisaurus crap... So it kinda evens out. I think its safe to say I would just go try find a rock." Bladewind grunted, annoyed at the insult, the other raptors rolling to their feet but other wise staying crouched. Bladewind retorted "If you want to a rock, why not strike up a conversation with your own brain?" I arched one boney brow, growling "Errr... Bladewind, brains are NOT rocks... Well I suppose this explains why you always try eat the compies head first..." Bladewind snarled in annoyance, standing to his full intimidateing height. To put the cherry on top, I hissed "So Bladewind, how are your hunting skills comeing along? Learned how to run in a straight line yet?" In a previous hunt, he colided with the edmontosaur they were chaseing and fell, injuring himself. I begun backing away, out of range of the larger raptors attacks...
A low harmony of snarls indicateing that I had mere moments to leave before they decided to attack... I glanced over at quicktooth, spoting a familiar black and orange snout ticking out from behind the boulder the small family were useing as a resting spot. Clawfist hissed something to Quicktooth, who stood up, glanceing at her brothers for a moment before following Clawfist behind the rock. That was my job done. Without a word, I turned sprinting out of reach to a chorus of angry hisses... Just another favour for a freind...

After that, Quicktooth came back with us permanently, not really hanging out with her brothers anymore. So there you have it. Whats changed? Everything has gotten better! We regularly go out hunting to fight off the boredom, Shadowleaf (might) feel the same way about me as I feel about her. Quicktooth is back with our mini-pack. Another notable thing is Softfoot not careing the slightest bit about the amount of time Clawfist spends with Quicktooth. Anyone who has been around them as long as I have would guess they were in love. Infact, around then I begun questioning their stories... Afterall, they were fairly suspeicious. No one ever really asked them about their backgrounds anymore, they knew that it was something tragic. But what put me on the sketics side is their relationship. If they were related, it would make sense... Maybe they are related? Maybe they are lying? One things for sure, I'm never ever going to ask then, or express my theories... I'm taking these ideas with me to my death.

So yeah. Now that we have gone through my whole childhood, its time to explore my life as an adult, or more, a simple prologue to my life as an adult. Its the same story all around, once things are too good to be true, they go bad. No different here. That first became apparent when the bodies started showing up... A few raptors were killed while on a boarder patrol. the pack was in slight shock, not used to incidents like this. Then, a few days later, two more were killed. After that, our pack leader made an announcement to the pack, he and his closest freinds had found the source of the attacks, a hostile raptor pack wanting to move in on our territory, thought to be made up of mostly old members. There was one or two short fights and then after that, our leader, Cyclone went off to challange theirs too a fight to decide the packs fate. It was wierd. Everyone was sitting around in the grass in silence... Knowing that our fate rested on what was currently happening. The moon was out in full that night, lighting everything up. No one went to sleep early... I still remember the chaos... Cyclones mate, the alpha female, tore out of the forest into the long grass and barked out "They're comeing!" After that she plucked up her daughter and ran. The other pack members instantly stood up, doing the same. It seemed that they knew exactly what to do, but we certainly didn't we were in panic, confused, untill Clawfist eventually roared out "MOVE! RUN!" And run we did... We tore off like lightning after the rest of the pack. At first I was pulling a head of my freinds, but I hung back, not wanting to lose sight of them.

We ran for hours and hours through the night sky, watching twilight progress, completely unaware of why we were running. All I could guess was that Cyclone was dead and the other raptors comeing after us. It was hard to comprehend, our invinceable leader, dead... I ran out of the tree line in a slight daze, stareing up at the moon... My eyes catching a small lumpy hill like shilluote... Then a crack and shout of pain caught my attention. I glanced back to see Shadow leaf fallen on the ground. I instantly slowed, claws digging dirt into the air. I sprinted back to her, skidding to a halt and nudgeing her to get up. Darkfang got her from the other side and we both managed to bring up to her feet. I wanted to help her walk but Darkfang in his usual protective self took it upon himself. Clawfist and the others had stopped aswell. Along with one or two juvinilles that we knew, one of Quicktooths brothers had stopped aswell. We were all exhausted, even more so now that we had stopped, the rest of the pack hadn't stopped and were dissappearing across the grassy plain. Suddenly, a terrifying earth shakeing roar thundered across the sky, sending vibrations through my head... A Tyrannosaurus Rex.. and a big one at that.... Nearby aswell... I looked towards the source, seeing the humpy hill like shilluote from earlier move rappidly like a flowing river... I squinted my eyes towards it, suddenly realiseing what it was... the backs of herbivores running... A stamped... The thundering of the para's footsteps reached us quickly... We could only watch as if in a trance as the herd seemed to engulf the pack we had lived in since birth.... The terrified stupid herbivores crushing everything in their path...

The begining of a new life, so to speak....

A New World

So there you have it. The story of my childhood. Things were bad after that... With a capital B... We checked the scene later but didn't find one living raptor. All dead. I couldn't bring myself to try find my parents, I just left. Clawfist led us away, into the forest the pack had been heading towards. After a month or two of moving around we settled down near a cave. It was hard to survive then. We had to compete with other predators for food, hunts were much more dangerous as the herbivores seemed constantly alert... Other predators routinely scared us away from our kills... Our lives were a constant battle. Every so often one of us would get careless and then... well then that was it. The first too experiance that was when Slice messed with the Oviraptors and got torn to shreds. We wasn't as close knit as the rest of us, so we weren't there too help. But we took revenge, that was the first time we finally got up and decided enough was enough. We attacked three of them out of no where and without warning, killed them, draged them back to our cave, ate them. From then on, they were our permanent enemies. Deaths became rare, it was mostly just small fights in which one side would back down before too much damage was done.

Sure, this was all bad, but we survived. Heh, I really wish I could say that we kept each other alive with our freindship, but that wasn't the case. We survived because we were strong. Those who died, like Slice, were either weak or unlucky. Infact, our freindship did quite the oppoiste. We turned on each other frequently, our attitudes short. Clawfist, our self appointed leader, put his decisions foreward as open to debate, but that never lasted long. If someone wanted to argue further, they had to have the muscle to back it up as the arguement turned violent. That rarely happened though, we respected Clawfist...

However, one incident remains burned into my mind... We were argueing what to do about a large predator hunting within our territory. Softfoot in a heated discussion with Clawfist... Eventually he had had enough of it and came to his full height, snarling and signalling her to just back down. To our suprise, that didn't happen. Instead, she slashed him right across the snout and then he bit onto her head. Within an instant the two were staggering around the clearing outside our cave, slashing and biteing at eachother, kicking and clawing... By the end of it, Clawfist had a nasty gash across his face and several wounds around his neck and chest, Softfoot however had a broken hand, a gash down her shoulder and a jagged slash over her leg where she had been kicked.

That fight cost us alot. I repeatedly brought it up around them, scolding them over it in an attempt to smash some sense into their heads. Thankfully, they were too embarassed to argue against me... But then, in a hypocritical display of rage, I fought Darkfang. It was suicide. He was probably the strongest and best fighter in our pack. It happened outside our territory... Darkfang confronted me about Shadowleaf. He said that he couldn't allow it, that our relationship would risk her life and put her in danger. He went on about all sorts of crap that made no sense. But deep down I knew what he was getting at.... He felt that I wasn't worthy enough for her, that I wasn't strong enough to protect his sister... It pissed me off. More than anything else in the world... The way he said it combined with the calm stare he gave me, as if I had asked him politely for a favour which he declined. To be honest, despite all that was wrong with it, I am proud of what I did.

Instead of being 'the stronger raptor' and combating him with words, I freaked out. I charged him and clamped my jaws around his neck, trying to do as much damage as possible out of sheer rage. He was taken by suprise but quickly got his bearings and tried to kick me off. Amazingly, despite his sheer strength, he wasn't able to knock me off or even loosen my grip. He eventually got me off with a slash across my muzzle but not before I had given him a powerful tear across the top of his neck. Without giveing him a moments rest, I attacked again, viciously kicking at him and trying to get a grip on his neck again. After a long fight, I remember flinging him against a tree and then kicking him, hitting his arm while his hand was caught in a branch. The resounding crack of his arm breaking woke me up from my blood lust and I stepped back, leaving my freind hanging, bleeding from a tree by his limp arm... I was shocked at what I had done, thinking I had killed him. All he had to say about it was, through coughs of blood, "Apparently... I was wrong...." I supported him back to the cave in silence, when we reached it, Darkfang told the others that a Deinoychus attacked us, and that I had killed it. Talk about brilliant? Get a silent 'all clear' from Darkfang about Shadowleaf and got credit for killing a Deinoychus all in the one day.

Things got better from then on. Clawfist got alot more laid back, persumeably through the reduced stress. We developed a code of different barks so we could communicate at long distances and easily avoid problem predators or co-ordinate attacks. This helped alot with dealing with the Oviraptors and we killed a few more of them. We also managed to kill an Allosaurus attempting to take over the territory, Clawfist deserves credit for that achievement. Through the years I fell back to my old stance of bragging and freindly taunting, occasionally challangeing the others to races and ending up with a daily race back to the cave each day, which I won most of the time.

Then there was the day we completely wiped out the Oviraptors pack with barely a scratch on any of us. That truely proved we were indestructible... It stayed that way for awhile, but we inevitably fell apart after awhile. Meh, Who cares? If something stays the same for too long it gets boring. The second stage of my life eventually came to a close and I ended up with Steeltalon and Darkness. Two great raptors, though I always got in the way of them. Who knows? maybe I will come back later and go into more detail about my 'second' life... Though my third one gets boring... I wonder if I will ever leave it? Maybe there is a 4th life of Sandstorm out there waiting for me? One things for sure, I ain't gona die. Even if my entire pack is wiethering away around me. I, Sandstorm, am Invincible.
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Sun Oct 21, 2007 12:48 am

Awesome first chapter and great prologe. Very interesting hearing indepth about his youth, and I especially like the detail to each event. Keep it up.

Postby Doc 42 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:44 pm

posted an other chapter, not much happens other than giveing an insight into the lives they led as hatchlings.
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Sat Nov 24, 2007 4:43 am

Awesome chapter. I really like the way the group acts, like Raptor pranksters :P

Keep up the good work.

Postby Doc 42 » Fri Jun 20, 2008 10:35 pm

Posted *insert large number here* chapters and finished the fanfic.
Would be Grateful for opinions :wink:
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Postby TyrannoTitan » Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:38 am

Sandy is overconfident :P

Anyway, like I said before, I like the style of writing. How you add bits that make it seem like Sandy, directly, is telling this. Its interesting, and at times surprising, because I didn't read the part of ISS that he and his pack played a major part in....

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